A Hello From 0ptimystic!

Welcome to my website! A humble, cobbled together collection of articles I wrote over the last two years and the future home of all my efforts to be a content creator.

My goal with this website is first off, independence. Over the last two years I’ve been writing for a website called The Game Bolt. I loved what I did over there as a writer and streamer. It was a wonderful chance to develop my skills and sit down and analyze the gaming industry and the communities surrounding it. I wrote reviews, editorials, preview pieces, and most importantly, “Trigger Warning!” a series I dedicated to using video games as a way to cope with and understand mental illness and trauma. And although I loved my time there, it was time to venture forward on my own.

It was from “Trigger Warning!” that I gained my current platform as a nerd who advocates for mental illness awareness and seeks to end the stigma behind. Over the last half a year I have hosted panels at numerous anime conventions, started streaming regularly to reach out to others, and now I’m working on creating more content that seeks to help others who love gaming, anime, comics, and all the other silent sufferers out there.

Going forward I’ll be writing regular articles about nerd culture, mainly gaming, that focus on the greater meaning behind the stories they tell and the cultural significance they play. I will also be writing regular gaming reviews, news, and so on in order to stay sharp on my writing skills and to give you more content. Within the next few months I’ll be working on starting a Youtube channel that focuses on the mythology of gaming as well as other aspects of my “Trigger Warning!”series. I also have a tour schedule for my panels coming this year in 2017!

If you’re curious about what to expect from my work, I would recommend going back through my old articles I re-hosted here on this site! I’m all about making content and delivering it to you!

This site marks the advent of a whole new direction for my work and I’d love to have you along for the ride!


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