0ptimysticgamer v1.3 – Community Patch Notes [0p3]

Greetings friends!

First off, I want to say thank you all for an amazing first two years as a streamer and content creator. I’m humbled that I get to do this. This is a blessing and a privilege. And to celebrate going into our third year, I will be doing a 24 hour stream starting at 5:00pm EST on Saturday, September 7th! This will be my annual Stream-aversary/Birthday stream! I’d invite you all for whatever length of time you can drop by for. Last year’s was an absolute blast despite being exhausting XD

Since stepping back from my position as an admin on Gamers Fighting Depression, I’ll have a good deal more time to dedicate to bringing you all more content. I’ll still be advocating for mental health but I’m excited to branch out into new areas of content creation. I’ve simply decided that it’s time to take my content creation more seriously.

It’s time to amp up productions on all fronts and I couldn’t be more excited to be announcing so much new stuff for you all. I’ve been rolling out changes across all platforms and content creation over the course of the last few weeks but here’s some patch notes for you all to make it easy!

New schedule!

My schedule is going to change to allow for longer streams with earlier start times AND we’re going to have 3 different specifically themed nights! It’ll look a little something like this:

Sunday: 3:00pm EST Start Time; approximate run time: 5-6 hours: Epoch Game Days! – These days will be dedicated to playing a longer game over a longer period of time. So these nights will be dedicated to playing games like longer RPGs every Sunday for a longer stream time.
Monday: 4:00pm EST Start Time; approximate run time: 4-5 hours: Variety Streaming Night 1! – I never want to lose my roots as a variety streamer! I still want to share the experience of getting into brand new games, doing blind runs of older games, or showing off some of my favorites to you all! So these nights will be dedicated to doing variety streaming the way I’ve always been doing it, just relegated to 2 longer streams each week.
Wednesday: 4:00pm EST Start Time; approximate run time: 4-5 hours: Variety Streaming Night 2! – This will be the second night each week dedicated to continuing our variety streaming playthroughs!
Thursday: 4:00pm EST Start Time; approximate run time: minimum 5 hours: Dedicated Soulsborne Nights! – Here it is folks! My Dark Souls playthroughs have been some of my most popular streams and are the most fun games for me to play on stream. I love Dark Souls to no end so I want to make a dedicated day each week to just play Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls series going forward to discuss lore, guide players, and do challenge runs. I couldn’t be anymore excited to bring these new changes to you guys so I can do longer streams with more diverse yet consistent content! I hope you all are as excited as I am about all this!

This all goes live after the 24 hour celebration stream. So Monday, September 10th and Wednesday, the 12th, we’ll be starting off our variety nights with one of my all time favorite games, Bioshock: Infinite! Thursday, the 13th we’ll kick off Soulsborne nights with a brand new playthrough of Dark Souls 3, all bosses. And then Sunday, the 16th will start our playthrough of the game you all voted for Fallout: New Vegas!
Subscriber/Patreon Rewards
-As of today, I no longer have a Patreon. I see little reason to keep one going while I don’t have enough content outside of Twitch. In the future, I may resurrect it but it’s simply too much to handle for what it’s worth. Thank you to the few who donated there.
-I will also be consolidating the reward tiers into a single set of rewards that all Twitch subs will have access to. So while I may be eliminating some rewards that are superfluous, everybody will be getting more fun stuffs! Check the Discord for more details.
– Going forward, to access these rewards you’ll have to link your Discord account with your Twitch account. This will make things waaaaay easier to manage so I appreciate the little bit of effort on your part to make things run more smoothly. Thank you all for this!


-While I wanted to start doing game giveaways every 10 subs/resubs I’ve sat down and rethought this. I would basically be giving away 6-8 games a months so I’ll be repealing this announcement. We wills till be giving away a game every 50 followers and a full retail game every 10 new subs though!
-We added two new ranks to the currency system: Transcendence at 115,200 ohms and Infinium at 172,800 ohms. You have your mission, good luck
-New artwork from Kangarooloo and new overlays from Clarque coming soon! Ohhhhh, shiny!
-The start up timer on stream is now going to drop down to 2 and a half minutes. Less wait time for you early bird folks and less time for y’all late comers to stumble in >_>


-A new look for the “Gaming and Mental Illness” category to include resources, communities, and personalities that balance gaming and psychology, coming soon! Cuz gaming can be good for your mental health!
-The goal is to have a new article out every month! Cuz ya know, 4 articles over the last 9 months just isn’t cuttin it.

Social Media:

-All new banners across Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and the Website courtesy of my friend GLGamer!
-Changed some bios here and there to reflect current affiliations


-Some old/barely used channels were deleted, rip weeb chat
-Added a “Gaming” category with a gaming news chat, gaming art chat, and chats for both Monster Hunter World and Dark Souls with corresponding self-assignable roles for the sake of connecting with other Hunting or Souls enthusiasts
-Added a general spoiler chat as well as speculation and spoiler chats for talking about current stream games. Cuz I swear to all that is good and holy if one more person spoils a game for me I might snap and try to climb my local town hall while wielding pool noodles
-Consolidating the subscriber channels and changing the subscriber rewards channel to reflect aforementioned

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