A Hello From 0ptimystic!

Welcome to my website! A humble, cobbled together collection of articles I wrote over the last two years and the future home of all my efforts to be a content creator. Over the last two years I've been writing for a website called The Game Bolt. I wrote reviews, editorials, preview pieces, and most importantly, "Trigger Warning!" a series I dedicated to using video games as a way to cope with and understand mental illness and trauma. It was from "Trigger Warning!" that I gained my current platform as a nerd who advocates for mental illness awareness and seeks to end the stigma behind.

Fallout 4 has great music! You should turn it off.

*This post was originally published on The Game Bolt in November, 2015* Since Fallout 4 cemented itself into my disk tray, I’ve poured well over 100 hours into its massive list of quests, settlement building, and random dungeons. I’ve become well acquainted with all the in’s and out’s of the game, and this includes the … Continue reading Fallout 4 has great music! You should turn it off.