Introducing “Therapy Thursdays” and “Talk about it Tuesdays!”

Greetings all! Bit of an update going forward for my streaming content! So I've been trying to figure out a way to speak about my personal experiences with mental illness while still providing you all with quality content. So I've come up with a nifty idea! Introducing "Talking about it Tuesdays" and "Therapy Thursday"! During … Continue reading Introducing “Therapy Thursdays” and “Talk about it Tuesdays!”

A Hello From 0ptimystic!

Welcome to my website! A humble, cobbled together collection of articles I wrote over the last two years and the future home of all my efforts to be a content creator. Over the last two years I've been writing for a website called The Game Bolt. I wrote reviews, editorials, preview pieces, and most importantly, "Trigger Warning!" a series I dedicated to using video games as a way to cope with and understand mental illness and trauma. It was from "Trigger Warning!" that I gained my current platform as a nerd who advocates for mental illness awareness and seeks to end the stigma behind.