Gaming and Mental Health

0ptimystic’s main platform is mental health advocacy. My streams, written content, panels, and the like are geared towards spreading awareness that we are all not alone in our fight against an invisible illness. As such, I have worked towards aligning myself with organizations that help promote the crossbreed between gaming and positivity in the face of mental illness.


Gamers Fighting Depression:

GFD is an international volunteer based organization that unites gamers to come together and support one another through gaming. What started as a small subreddit and has now grown into a partnered Discord server with 1,500 active members and a subreddit of over 10,000. We offer emotional support groups where dedicated volunteers can help people work through their different issues involving mental illness. Combine this with all sorts of ways to connect with an every growing community like a looking-for-game system, places to hang out with other gamers, and plenty of fun community events GFD is a community where you can grow as a gamer and in your own mental health.

0pti acts as both a lead administrator and the head of content generation for the organization and helps shape GFD as a whole while also assisting other content creators to promote and produce their own work.

Check us out on our Discord or our Subreddit for more details!


Anxiety Gaming: 0ptimystic is a supporter of Anxiety Gaming. Anxiety gaming is an international NFP organization that seeks to help mentally ill gamers from all over the world by helping find mental health care outlets for its members. AG can help people find affordable, local psychological or psychiatric health care. Over the years, AG has been supported by numerous organizations such as Counter Logic Gaming and Tiny Build and consistently does charity events such as Game Against Depression.